Friday, May 30, 2014

Lowell's TeamBroz - Walking to Honor Their Son

Teresa Brosnihan and her family team are one of Lowell's top family teams. She is a dedicated volunteer for the March of Dimes and this is their team's 6th year walking for March for Babies. 

I was thrilled and very excited to be expecting my first baby. I was extremely sick during the pregnancy but other than that it was pretty uneventful, that is until my 18 week ultra sound. At 18 weeks we found out we were having a baby boy. We were overjoyed by the thought of adding this cute bundle of love to our family. It was also at that ultra sound that the tech could not find all the chambers of the babies heart. No one really new what was to come at that time.

I was sent to Boston for lots of additional testing and that is when my world came crashing down. My son had several horrific heart abnormalities. I was 21 weeks along and on March 24, 2005 I lost my son. Many years have passed but my son, Casey James, will never be forgotten! My family has been blessed with another son, Cameron, 2 years later and a beautiful daughter, Addison, in 2009. I was watched very carefully and had additonal tests done but both children are very healthy! And that is why we walk as a family for the march of dimes! We walk in honor and memory of our son, Casey James, who was sent to heaven too soon to become an early angel. We walk to make a difference! We walk to make a tragedy into something positive.

Fundraising tips:  
Ask everybody! What I personally do is email friends and family directly. If you email them direct they feel more apt to donate or respond. I send them an email about every 3 weeks. I stay on top of them and I let them know that even a $5 donation is good. Then I post it on facebook every 1-2 weeks. I am consistent. Last year I had 2 friends join my team and I asked them to at least bring in $100 each if not more. Growing your team is important. Ask friends to join and fundraise. ask,ask,ask is the key! And let them know your personal story as to why you walk. This year I started my fundraising via email and facebook on the anniversary of the loss of my son. It was a very powerful and meaningful way to start. 

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